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Ryder Chase

"I'm willin' to sleep my way to the top..."

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Name:Ryder Chase
Birthdate:Jan 5
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America

Ryder Chase is what can only be described as a professional porn star. He had a relatively average upbringing, though his father passed away when he was just three years old, leaving his mom a single mother with him and two older sisters to take care of. Ryder lacked the male guidance he should have gotten from his father, which led to him beginning to explore sex from a young age when puberty kicked in to find his own information. He lost his virginity early and it was paving the way for what his future would hold. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, so he's always been a native New Yorker. That meant he pretty much had the world at his fingertips to explore, because the City housed the good, the bad, the ugly, the weird and the wonderful. He moved out of home at 17 to move in with a mate in Sunnyside so he wouldn't have to worry about his mom finding his condom or porn stash, and he could smoke weed and drink without thinking he was going to get sprung.

Ryder wasn't destined for college. He hated school and was never very academic minded, but he was streetsmart and savvy. He was a like a cat, and always seemed to land on his feet. It helped that he could talk his way out of any situation and wasn't afraid to use sex or his body to his advantage. He had a way with the cougars and scored his first sugar momma around the age of 19. She set him up nicely, and it wasn't long after this that a porn director approached him in a bar one night (where he had been gaining access on a fake ID for ages) and offered him a really tidy sum of cash in hand to star in one of his movies.

The rest, as they say, was history. Once he was in the business, it was like an easy cash flow. He loved sex, he was good at it, and this way, he got paid for it. He established a name for himself in the business and was soon one of the biggest stars in the New York porn industry, which went international. There wouldn't be many sex shops without at least one of his movies. He knew, however, that it wouldn't be something that could keep him going forever and he sometimes needed a change of pace. He faked an impressive CV and ended up landing a part-time front-of-house job managing a swanky new bar in SoHo. He didn't need the money, but he liked the networking it brought him. He didn't know what the hell he was doing, but he got thrown in the deep end, and it was sink or swim. Of course, he swam, and he liked the trendy, modern workplace in comparison to his raw, rough and ready hours on his other 'career'.

Ryder now has a hip and and modern loft apartment in SoHo where he previously lived with his best pal, Tyler, who Ryder helped out and basically saved his life one night when the guy trashed himself and OD'ed in the bathroom of the bar he was working at. It all culminated when Tyler attempted suicide again and it was only sheer dumb luck they got to him in time after cutting his wrists and OD'ing again. Tyler now lives with his partner, Nate again, and is on a very slow road of recovery. To this day, Ryder doesn't know why he got Tyler to move in with him, but he did. Probably so he knew the guy was safe, more than anything. Tyler confided in him a lot, and although Ryder knew a hell of a lot of people and had a lot of friends, he never really had someone he classified as a best friend. They've never slept together, even though it was a possibility. Ryder is bisexual and anything really goes for him, but he knew sleeping with him was the last thing Tyler needed. What he needed was a friend, and Ryder was happy to give that to him. Some days, it feels like the poor guy is a lost cause and Ryder has no way of helping him, but others, Tyler seems to let his old self shine through just a little, and it reminds Ryder that his friends needs someone to help him fight.

Ryder is part of the [community profile] dreamlikenewyork PSL.

Muse & Mun both aged over 18 years. Ryder is an original character. Journal is for RP purposes only. Not affiliated with the PB, Matt Lanter. Fanfiction and fun only.

"I'm willin' to sleep my way to the top, I wanna be popular."

- Darren Hayes, Pop!ular
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